When you think of a home, what comes to mind? Chances are that a cozy living room, plush bed, sunny kitchen, or room filled with personalized decorations pops into your head as your ultimate goal for your own home. These features all add to the effect of turning your living space into your unique oasis and they each play a key role. But what about the back and front outdoor spaces? Do you love your patio, balcony, yard, or other outdoor areas? 

If you enjoy sitting outside during warm weather days and exhilaratingly brisk nights, the outdoor spaces around your home also come to mind when you think of the living areas you do life in. Front yards and backyards sometimes get overlooked in comparison to indoor spaces; when they are given some TLC, they still act like separate entities from your home. If you love both the inside and outside of your home and want to seamlessly connect them for days and nights spent enjoying both sections, you don’t need to look any further than this guide.

We know how special it is to join your backyard to your home, even though many people don’t know the positive addition this will bring to their homelife. Keep reading to learn five ways you can make your outdoor and indoor spaces flow into each other. 

Install a Magnetic Screen In Your Doorway

An excellent way to keep your living area moving from the inside of your home to the outside is to install a magnetic screen in your front or back door so your home area will be connected to your patio or yard. Magnetic screens are simple to install in your door; depending on your needs, you can fit them to your windows as well. But if you want to smoothly move through your inside and outside home spaces, you’ll want to place your magnetic screen in your doorway so you can walk through it. 

The best part about magnetic screens (other than the fact that they are a practical solution to bring more light and fresh air inside) is that they’re hands-free; the magnets part around your body to allow you entrance and quickly reseal themselves so bugs don’t get in. Even when you’re sitting inside but want a breeze, you can look through your protective magnetic screen at your vibrant backyard. 

Fill Your Home With Plants

Bring your backyard into your home with houseplants! This is an effective method of blurring the line between the inside and outside spaces because your rooms will feel fresh, vibrant, and alive, similar to the way your backyard feels due to all the nature around it. Plus, some houseplants have the ability to purify the air in your home, and they’ll add a clean, green scent to your rooms.  

Replace Your Walls With Glass Doors

Even when you aren’t physically outside, if you open up your home with floor-to-ceiling glass doors you’ll always have an eye on your backyard and feel transported into the outdoors. Not only do large glass doors allow you to soften the boundary line between your inside and outside spaces, they also change the spatial feeling inside your home so it feels larger and airier. Just imagine how lovely your view would be if you planted a garden outside your glass doors, or revamped your backyard with lights and trendy furniture. 

Cover Your Backyard

An alternative method to bringing the feeling of the outdoors in is extending the feeling of the inside into your backyard. You can achieve this by covering a section of your backyard. Protecting your deck or patio section with a canopy is one easy method that doesn’t require much construction. Another option is to build walls around part of your backyard to create a room in between your home and backyard. This setup is especially inspiring when the walls or ceiling are made of glass panels that let you still see the yard around you; you’ll feel comfortable inside while being one with nature. 

Furnish Your Backyard

One more way to bring the inside of your home out is by decorating a section of your backyard with plush outdoor furniture you can relax in the same way you would in your living room or rec room. Choose your outdoor furniture by following your same design scheme and color palette that you have indoors. This will help your spaces flow together seamlessly so that both outside or inside, your spaces feel homey. 

Your home is a special place where you love to spend your time, and it includes both your inside and outside spaces. If you want to blur the boundary between your backyard and your home so you can enjoy the good weather in whatever part of your living area suits you, you should implement these five ways to connect your home to your yard.